inspired by a polaroid.

so for mothers day, i received that latest issue of my favorite food magazine, vegetarian times.
in this summer issue i not only found some great recipes, many raw-hooray!, but i also found a little something by jen from my polaroid blog!
first of all, her blog is adorable and i only wish i could afford all of that pola film. secondly, i know she is a stylist but her article on a mini detox weekend was full of polaroids and really cute/cool. (which do i use in this case, bc it really wasnt either haha, it was just good.)
anyways, i was inspired to make something delicious so monday at the market i saw acorn squash were on sale and i decided to throw a few in the cart with every intention of grilling and stuffing them. dun dun dun...tonight is the night! 
this recipe will be my base and then instead of peppers i am obviously using the delicious and seasonal acorn squash!

hopefully i will actually be able to stomach my delicious creation...happy grilling!

photo via vegetarian times.com

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