a sleepy, rainy day.

this morning i was awoken by small running feet and rain. it was the perfect way to wake up,if you have to wake up at 6:45 am. but an early start was a welcomed change and the day was one of my favorite kind of days.
long, rainy, a little cool, filled with soulful music and pbs cartoons. i obviously dont get out much. haha. so we slept. and we ate cookies. and i made split pea soup and i was reminded of why i love fall so much.
dont get me wrong, summer is fabulous. it holds my birthday, watermelon, tan skin, and the beach. but fall holds my heart. i could go on a chilly morning run through crunchy leaves everyday. 

mmm, a little emotional today you say? true, i am. probably because today was the first day in a week i could eat something other than szechuan noodles. something about the ridiculously spicy really gets this kid going. i have already used two bottles. gross? nah.

so, have a lovely evening and dream of beautiful summer nights and crisp fall mornings. im gagging myself over here. :)

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