paperback writer.

so you know how i had previously hinted that some delicious polaroids were taken at the musha experience? yeah, here they are!

this one is my personal favorite. remember rebekah of kallima photography who we took family pictures with way back last year? she did the wedding! she and her husband are adorable and very pregnant (yay) and did a great job at the wedding. my polaroid of the two lovers even made a shot! holla!

so ive got some new recipes and before and afters for this week so lets all look forward to that!

also, i want to write again. a book. a short one. perhaps for the crowd under 4ft? thoughts?


  1. Writing children's books? I love it! I would read them for sure.

  2. write it! do you still have that one that you wrote like a year ago? i remember you telling me that you wrote it one night while jeff was studying...