my gigi.

i am named after my great grandmother. kathleen tremellen. two days after i was born, she wrote me a letter. monday was the first time i had ever seen or heard of this letter. a little late but meaningful still. 
my gigi (great grandmother, though i thought her name was gigi for a while) was a lovely and wonderful woman who i was blessed to know for the first 6 years of my life. so today i just want to tell her thank you. for your letter, for your life and for all of the good quotes and quips and advice that you gave to my mother that is now given to me.

in her letter she told me this...

"so you see, dear, you have a rich inheritance of sturdy, hardworking, clean thinking, ambitious and varied abilities. we cherish you."

if only i had come out with all of those. :)

kathleen and her husband bill. looking so fabulous at hermosa beach. 1930.
my letter. now i will treasure it forever and show my little girl (fingers crossed) how wonderful my gigi was.

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