all i really want...well, right now.

tyler florence is my culinary boyfriend. dont worry, my husband is full aware of the fact that i find his fluidity in the kitchen amazingly attractive. so it is, of course, not surprising that his "Tyler's Ultimate" kitchen is MY ultimate kitchen. i love it, i really do. and watching the show a couple days ago i realized that what i really want is a fully stocked kitchen where nothing runs out and nothing goes bad. everything that was frozen is thawed when you need it and where that list bit of half and half magically turns in to the cup you need. where small children happily play with pots and pans and husbands dont even need to ask what is for dinner.

thats all i really want...right now. since i am an insatiable and sinful human, all i really want is everything but right now, cooking with my bf tyler would do.

so go make something delicious tonight. and think of tyler while you do. :)

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