last night jeffrey and i were googling, rifling through favorite books and randomly throwing out words that could possibly be a name for this baby. well as bing has shown america through their hilarious commercials, we got on a few rabbit trails and i ended up on flickr and perusing adorable nooks. a nook, to me, is the most comforting place in your home where you can eat breakfast, read a book, or snuggle with your kids and/or husband. this was one that looked particularly attractive to me and could inspire me to finally get on that novel.

besides nooks i made a delicious dinner last  night for the first time in probably about a week. perhaps its the emotional drain that this child is putting on me or the fact that few things sound delicious that are not covered in mustard, but i had not been cooking. so i made a compromise and threw together some whole grain mustard roasted potatoes, roasted parmesan broc, and wild alaskan sockeye salmon that was on sale at the market! (love those happy finds)

so in the end, the evening was a success...we have names, which will be kept under wraps until this little Christmas present arrives. i have a million ideas for our home (well, when we move in to a house that allows paint) and i made a great dinner. im back baby. and it feels good.

photo via flickr.

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  1. i love nooks. if i am ever fortunate to possess one, i would like a window seat, one that gets lots of sunshine, where i can curl up with a good book. this was my favorite thing in the world when i was six, and then at age six and a half, i was sadly uprooted from our yellow house on sweet cherry lane.