a mountain moment.

about two weeks ago, little bear and i hopped a plane out to the west! to ft collins, co to be exact for a visit with nana and boppa. we are obsessed and in love with colorado, to say the least. anyways, besides being gorgeous and dry and mountainous, the people there are kind and healthy and seem to really enjoy life. those are things we like to do too!
one weekend we drove up to rocky mountain national park for a couple days of hiking and mountain air. this is what little bear thought of the luggage rack at our "rugged" hotel. he is quite the busy bee lately and talks at a million miles an hour.

i dont have any smart! tips today except for this; if you have the freedom and ability to, wake up before your kids and husband and enjoy your cup of coffee (tea, juice whatever!) and watch the sun greet the day and if you are so inclined, read your Bible, or any book and just take a few for yourself. its something ive started this summer and i think ive made a habit for life!

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