summer finds.

so besides spending the summer searching for adorable maternity clothes all priced under 12 cents (we have very little money) i did manage to find a few cute things that i plan to use in updating our home. hooray! 
the first are the two little pinch pot mini bowls from anthropologie. when i was in nyc in april, my friend rachel and i brunched at rosewater, in park slope, and they had little sugar and saltnpepper bowls. i also found a vintage spoon to use with them, but i cant find it at the moment but the bowls shall grace my dining room table for when lovely friends join me for coffee and the like.
the mugs were buy one get one free clearance mugs from starbucks that i actually ended up getting for free! i told the cashier about it and she said that it was her mistake so i should enjoy it! anywho, im really excited to get back to our home and make it a home again.

look for recipes to come this week because this summer has brought a few...yum.

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  1. mmm i've been eyeing those mugs at sbux for quite some time! i'll be choosing one when i come for coffee!