so i thought...

well, i thought i was done. over the summer i was blogged out and couldnt bring myself to sit down with my eyes open, let along sit down and think. but in the past couples of weeks my thoughts have been in blog form. everything i do i formulate in to a little anecdote and i just cannot help myself it seems. i know that my 5 whole followers will be overflowing with joy and will celebrate by purchasing a pint of starbucks coffee ice cream and most likely going through my archives just so they can remember how much they've missed me.

okay, i lie.

but really, im happy to be back and this thing. this blog. is going to be off the chizain. i will post more later this evening but for now, im going to put an ice pack high on belly and a flashlight low because frankly, im terrified of birthing a breech child.

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