spaghetti frittata and a flight to the city.

every morning i am greeted by this cupboard. well technically, first i leave the doors closed and conveniently grab a mug, roll to my right and blindly pour myself some coffee that i KNOW will be brewed because my husband, well, he's just that good. 

however, after i caffeinate, i swing the doors to my pantry/ cupboard and decide; bowl or plate? oatmeal or eggs? should i even use glassware or stick with a paper towel this morning? jump forward a few hours and we are at dinner...(was that a big jump? idk) 

anywho, since i decided bowl earlier that day and made myself and little bear some whole wheat linguine with marinara and tons of parmesan i had quite a bit of leftover cooked pasta.

so i made a spaghetti frittata. and boy, was it delicious. i will post the recipe at the end...

and in other news, katie (who you can see here) and i are going to nyc tomorrow for a girls weekend! it will be my last little hoorah before baby number 2 is born and technically, it will be our first mother/daughter trip to nyc! and i do plan on many more to come.

so have a wonderful weekend and a great columbus day (thanks again columbus for finding this place we live in and like to call home) and we will catch up monday!

spaghetti frittata with kale:

half a box (ish) of cooked whole wheat linguine
4 eggs (lightly beaten)
4 strips of bacon (cut into small pieces)
1 shallot (minced)
parmesan cheese
2 cups kale (chopped)
salt and pepper to taste
flaxseed oil (optional)

so, first cook up the bacon pieces then drain fat and add shallots. toss in kale and sautee until wilted . meanwhile, beat eggs and toss with the linguine (make sure the pasta is cooled first) and season with parmesan, salt and lots of pepper. then pour the linguine mixture into the pan and stir it all up while also pressing it down. run spatula around edge of frittata and flip when browned. ( my trick to flipping is to flip onto a cutting board, i required a little assistance from the hubs, and then slide back in to pan, uncooked side down) then enjoy! 

side note: i add flaxseed oil because it really doesnt change the taste and i try to add it whenever i can! i used about 2 tbsp.

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