a crisp bite of the big apple.

let me preface this post by saying that all of these photos are basically of katie. the reason for that is, we both had cameras and its easier to take pics of each other than to switch cameras and take them of yourself. i am not in love with her. hahahaha.

okay so, last weekend i went to the big apple with my great friend katie! we went ready to take on the busy city with our restaurant recommendations, high hopes to navigate the subway system and a limited budget...

we came out with no money, possibly a few extra pounds, one broken toe and about 25 band aids. we practically walked the city and to say that we ate our fair share of sweet treats would be an understatement. however, the weather was beautiful and i now know that i am allergic to cats.

here is a mini photo journal of our adventure...

levain bakery. recommended by all, and for good reason.

after visiting the doughnut plant (go there! eat the chocolate doughnut!)
we happened upon a little greenmarket and bought ourselves some crispy honeycrisp apples that we later munched in central park. yum.

we took advantage of free entrance to the MoMA on friday evening and though i look like a striped preggo, i had to pose myself in front of the art that was created by jackson's namesake.
one day he will appreciate this.

oh dear, magnolia.
while delicious these cupcakes were sickeningly sweet and the crude and highly inappropriate homeless men sitting behind us brought both of us to the verge of tears which in turn made the sky cry. with no umbrellas.

brooklyn heights.
i would live here.
i would love it here.
trader joes is a few blocks away and it was quiet. 
ill take it!

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