pumpkins; year three.

on monday we went to the pumpkin patch for the third year in a row with little bear. (now im crying again, gossssh hormones)

he liked (?) it, i guess. he was more interested in throwing each pumpkin, which would have cost us a lot of money but we attempted to stop him which of course led to tantrums and meltdowns and this was all prior to dinner so they were real meltdowns and anyways...we went to get pumpkins and that goal was achieved. end of story.

this year...he moves and pushes them himself...
last year, he fit inside the pumpkin...
the first year...he was about a week and a half old and i just HAD to put him in a little plaid shirt and pants that were so large on him, they came up to him armpits. he was adorable and new, just like they should be.
so we love pumpkins... next year we will have another little person rolling around in the patch with us. i will probably cry then too. being a mom man, emotional.

also, i made a pretty good butternut squash and leek soup the night we got the pumpkins, i will recipe that one tomorrow along with a cauliflower, potato parmesan soup i made over the summer (the summer?! you say...yes i was preparing for fall in july, dont judge me).

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