magic mom potion forgot to get dropped at my door.

if you are a mother then i hope, actually i daily pray, that i am not alone in the type of day we had today. i dont even know if there is a single word that can encompass the meltdowns, the exhaustion and the "ive lost my mind" ness of this day.

little bear woke up early AGAIN and unfortunately he doesnt wake up bright eyed and bushy tailed at 6am; he wakes up grumpy and hungry and kind of bratty. ( i promise, i love him more than words can say but if i cant call him bratty, who can?) 

anywho, the day just didnt get much better though there were a few spots of encouragement...we had a wonderful hour in our backyard and the park that was quickly ended  by a meldown and when my wonderful friend katie 
told me to look over to one of my new favorite (because she is real and loves the Lord and seems like we could play together) blogs, Fly Through Our Window, which held a few encouraging words...

okay now on to our weekend, wait, is it monday? yes, okay. this weekend we took advantage of all that Tallahassee had to offer and went on an organic farm tour saturday early in the day and then later went to the Greek Food Festival! it was so delicious and for that reason i only have photos of the farm...here is our little cutie posing for me in front of the farms cool tractor.

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