this picture is at a farm, not costco, and i just thought he looked cute in it. aww i know you are all gagging. 

so this morning little bear and i were up and at it ( or he was at it, i was caffeinating ) quite early and decided that we needed to go to costco so we would go early. well, to my surprise, costco does not open until 10 (reeeeeally?! i mean i know its the south but 10?! for costco?! please)

now, we are usually all about being the weird people and lurking (which we later did INSIDE costco) but i thought that 30 minutes in the parking might be a bit too much and my pregnant body was conveniently craving a chocolate chip bagel so we rang up good ole katie and had a mini rendezvous at panera.

by the way, this is going to be purely the story of our morning at costco...

so, bagels and juice in bellies, katie decided to join our ranks and on to costco we drove! 

we walked in and the large ceilings made me feel ever so welcome. we proceeded to the delicious section aka the food. one of the things i love about costco is their great variety or organic produce and cheeses and basically organic everything, so we started to fill up that cart. with deliciousness. then i started to explain to katie why i love costco so much...and i, no joke, could not stop smiling about the establishment. 

yes, i know that it represents all that america is and shouldnt be. buying food in cheap bulk when other countries are starving, gluttony,and truly, maybe a little gaudy. but i must have been born here because i still love it. and i do realize we are blessed to have this option.

anywho after we realized that the samples were ALMOST ready and sketchily lurked around the stations only to find that they werent quite ready, we left. with our goods. so today id like to say thank you costco. you may be too much for some, but at least you arent wal mart!

the end.

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