a halloween/birthday/football/baby shower extravaganza!

this past weekend i lost my mind. of course the mind didnt reappear until today which is why today is meltdown day but while it was gone, we had a super busy and fun filled weekend...

jackson had a halloween themed birthday party...( he was al borland from home improvement because we dont know enough spanish for him to be handy manny and lets face it, he looks GREAT with an eyeliner beard drawn on by yours truly)

"yeah, i love these 'muffins'..."
"i did it!"
about two minutes after successfully blowing bubbles, he started to lick the bubble wand...equally as fun, im sure.
"hey everybody! welcome to my party!"
the party was just the first of many events...saturday included the FSU football game, which we won hooray!, and then little bears first trick or treating experience. he had an entourage and felt quite cool. sunday was church with the fam and then a lovely (and adorable and fun) shower that katie threw baby girl. (who still resides in my uterus and im pretty sure she is growing something in my boobs as well) the food was scrumptious and the company, just as delightful. 

we have such great family and friends who we love so much! thanks for the fun weekend and see ya later october!

side note: only like 8ish more weeks until this kid is out of me. hooray?!

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