ice cold.

you know when you finally get the two year old down for a nap (because he's been up since 5 "snuggling" with you and the spouse in your bed)
and then you get your shower
and you decide to shave your legs
and since you are 34 weeks pregnant you decided that 3 weeks might be pushing it
so youre relaxing, for once
and all of a sudden you hear a rap at the bathroom door
and for a second, your heart stops
because today is the day you die
its your husband
come home for a quick workout
terror passes
and about 3 minutes later
the water is cold
ice cold
adorable (stupid) husband has started a load of laundry
on hot
and your house was built in 1930 something sooooo
*you hate him
but you cant yell and scream at him at the top of your lungs
because the toddler is sleeping
so you half shave
and then when you finally come out shivering you see this...
hes leaving you.
because it was his grandpas before it was his 
and he never wanted to get it resized

(insert funny quip that makes you love them again)

* i never really hate my husband
i love him very much
i just dont like when he steals my hot water

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