things keep going.

over the past few weeks, 5 weeks to be exact, i have learned a few things. besides the fact that i would never wish this grief and pain on anyone, EVER, i have learned that while many people reach out to you, pray for you, and love you, the rest of the world keeps going. they keep living their lives, you still have to go to the grocery store, pay the bills, replenish your toilet paper and even sleep. and the world, they dont know you, or whats in your heart and what happened to your precious baby just one month ago.

i have a feeling this is how the rest of life goes.

i am to the point now where i am functioning. i dont cry 24 hours a day and i put some makeup on almost everyday. i take little bear to the park, and we even go out to dinner for jeffrey's sisters' birthday (see above photo and yes, that IS 6 people in one photobooth).

and this is life. 

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