a toddler's adventures in art: acryllics

after multiple "paint please mommy" requests and a few rainy days in a row i decided to do the following.
i busted out some old paints, three ( the other two are yet to be completed by the artist ) canvases,  about 12 crappy towels and i let my two year old paint his very first masterpiece.
he did pretty well.
he loved using a paintbrush, and definitely loved being nakers.
my plan is to frame all three installments (haha) once i decide to let him do it again and hang them in his room.
or maybe they will make a documentary about him.
i mean, smooshing all the colors together man, thats art.

the supplies
the beginning. as you can see, the colors are still separate.
still working.
annnnd mix them all together.

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