this last week.

the past week, well really two weeks, have been pretty hard.
i feel like ive been pretty checked out mom-wise and as a wife, well basically the same.
but as i was looking back at picture from the past few weeks,
i realized we actually did stuff. 
and i didnt seem so bad.
ive got my boys here to hug and kiss everyday
and my little girl is safe and warm in her heavenly Father's arms.
it isnt ideal, but its life.

so this past week...

little bear decided he was going to be a hippie, go to OU and major in photography.
hence the jorts, the ski town sweatshirt, mop top hair and camera. 
i roasted these tomatoes for, get ready, 4 HOURS. woops.
we decided that the mop top needed an ugrade...presenting the mop top greaser hairdo via the VACUUM! 
we went to disney world. 
little bear's first trip and he got to meet his true love, june...
and he got to drive a car! 
he's got the license to prove it!
i will dig deep and come up with a more substantial post later this week.
until then.


  1. oh my gosh, the hair picture and the picture with june are freakin adorable. what a stud.

  2. This post makes my heart happy :)