a collection of good things.

this past saturday, katie and i went hunting for goods.
and when i say goods, i mean vintage, thrifted and inexpensive things.
so we headed over to good finds.
some seriously GOOD finds my friends.
this conglomeration of items. 

the things on the left are from this weekend.
candlesticks from anthro.
globe from goodwill.
ive been trying to draw inspiration from wherever for our home.
basically, ive been collecting a TON of vintage oil paintings, prints, frames, any sort of art that i like, i buy. REASONABLY, of course.
THIS ONE. i was inspired by lauren from pure style home and have been wanting to make little bears room into an adventure sort of room and when i saw this ( and it was 50% off! ) i snatched it right up.
also in the mix, an old lantern, and a book about van gogh, purchased for the mini prints inside of it. my mom also got me an AWESOME (using a lot of caps today arent i?) book of 18th century italian drawings, while she was in NYC with my dad a few weeks ago. basically, our house is going to look like framed art that we didnt create, threw up on it.
i also got some new workout pants that are basically old navy's knock off of lululemon and i cant complain because they were 6 dollars.
it must be noted that my husband, Lord bless him, has really the perfected his "why the heck do you keep buying all this old stuff and bringing it home" face.
i love him so. hahahahaha.

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  1. I love love to come next time - I want to learn you and Katie's ways!