keep breathing.

today is rough. so far, its been beautiful outside.
out of character beautiful. 
usually that helps.
its lifts me, encourages me, reminds me of who made us and the strength and glory that He is.
but not today.
today i am strange.
i am full of both patience and sorrow.
ingrid came on my pandora just now. 
she reminded me to "keep breathing".
sometimes that feels impossible.
sometimes i feel like i am only sinking in to one of those foam gymnastics pits.
do you remember what it feels like to climb out of those things?

we had a great weekend, which is probably why today seems so blah.
but on a good note....JEFFREY GRADUATES ON SATURDAY!!!!

could i be more excited for this than he is?
we have done it. 
he has done it.
last night we had a little margarita/life planning sesh.
oh dear is all i have to say about that.

i will leave you with two things;
these pics from our sunday at the greenes. isnt that playset ridiciulous?!
this adorable family that makes me extra happy/sad because they are the exact composition of our family, in a perfect world.

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