so, since my husband has been sucked in to the void that is the FSU School of Engineering, i find myself, this lovely evening, alone and laughing. loudly. so loudly that i might feel a little ridiculous if someone WERE with me.

thank you mindy kaling for the laughs. and also, i like 3o rock now. shwat!? yeah, its just that tina fey, she gets me girl.

so while i waste my life trolling through the blog world i found THIS;
holy yes please. check out those floors. my dream floors. unfinished, wide plank, wood floors. and you KNOW she doesnt have to sweep my usual 5 times a day because that house hides the dirt. thats whassup. 

i dont know who i am tonight. but i kind of like being funny alone. reminds me of my good ole days of performing my after dinner shows in which i may or may not have worn my mothers old bridesmaid dresses with fur and a floppy hat. thank you michael w smith for your Christmas cd. google it, track 2. 

good night from this mom, who also might be going crazy because LB no longer naps. out.

photo from canadian house and home, via.

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  1. i hate to be the one to break it to you, but those wide-plank wood floors do not absorb/hide the dust and dirt. instead, the grime bunches up and makes nasty dust bunnies which seem to reappear soon after swiffering.

    also, you will find pine needles from your christmas tree get lodged in your lovely floors for MONTHS afterwards, and sometimes they will stick straight up and get stuck in your foot!

    just a heads up, for future reference