He is Risen!

yes, it is saturday morning and im-a-bloggin.

the boys have been out of town since thursday afternoon ( for something exciting! will share more later...) and are on their way back now! ive been busy cleaning the house for our weekend Easter guests, making baked good and sangria for katies birthday picnic, and doing a little girl time shopping.

and this morning, i stopped. i thought to myself, "yesterday was Good Friday and how did i grieve with God? how did i celebrate Christs' sacrifice and yet grieve with his Father?" after all, me and God, we now have this special bond...He knowingly sacrificed his Son, and He knowingly took my daughter. 

so this morning i rolled out my shortcrust (literally), poured myself some java, whipped up a goat cheese mousse, and spent some time with Him. quiet. i dont think ive spoken words this morning. it is good for the soul friends. real silence. to listen. mannnn. 

so i just wanted to say this morning that tomorrow, He is Risen! Jesus sacrificed himself for US. horrible, undeserving us! and i am thankful. i am thankful for the journey he has laid out for jeffrey and i. i am thankful for my wonderful little boy (who looks even more little LAST Easter (above pic) ). and i am thankful for my little girl. who is receiving God's grace in all its fullness, in Heaven, on Easter. i love you sweetheart.

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  1. beautiful kathleen~
    i bought a book yesterday at borders called "ninety minutes in heaven" that I am really enjoying...it's a true story of a preacher (maybe lay-preacher) who died in a car accident but was revived after 90 minutes in heaven and he remembers portions of being in heaven! so far thru ch. 4 his account of heaven is very comforting to me and i wonder if it would be comforting at least somewhat to you....god bless..