the hands that hold the world.

ive been staring at this picture for the past 30 minutes. thinking about my little girl. missing her. grieving her. aching for her. i love this picture. thats jeffreys hand. he went down to see her, before me, the morning after she was born. he took the one video we have of her. she was squirmy and and adorable and full of life. he loves her. i love her. i love him. he loves me. i am so proud of my husband and the life that we have together. and everyday when i see this picture i think of the hands that are holding us. our Creator holds us in the palm of His hand, and feels our pain and loves us. just like Jeffrey held Campbell in his hand and together we loved her while we felt her pain. 
its beautiful, isnt it? so beyond comprehension, so incredible.


  1. I am with you kathleen. I have my own little "shrine" in my bedroom right beside where I sleep each night. My shrine has a print of this little boy "angel" squatting on the edge of a creek and playing with a leap frog. The title of the print is "Angels in Overalls". This is totally befitting for me and my Clay. Anyway, I also have a picture of me taken in the weeks prior to his death showing my beautiful tummy. My shrine also has pictures anda poem of Clay (deceased) that the nurses were so thoughtful to take in my utter ignorance and denial.

  2. Campbell Joye is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!