monday menu! a return! a day late...

MONDAY MENU. you missed it? i know you did. how long has it been? forever? how long did it previously last, a month? oh dear...

well, before we get to this weeks menu, i have to share about last night. last night was my first "lesson" with mrs lindsay durrenberger! she is my guinea pig for my "class" and so far we have done a kitchen breakdown, grocery shopping and she made a delicious and veggie filled couscous salad with a homemade vinaigrette! so, in the next few weeks you are going to see a few changes because im turning smarten! in to something legit...if all goes well with lindsay and i can get her to where she is comfortable shopping and cooking delicious, healthy, local (hopefully!) and in season meals, on a BUDGET, then im taking this to the world...lets get excited.

for this weeks menu, im going to inaugurate the new twist that all menus will now have; whats MOST in season this month and/or what's on sale, and the things you can make with them. it might be a little rocky starting off, but we are gonna give it a go!

VEGGIES- these are generally, in the month of may, most in season BUT if you live in FL, they vary a little, especially if you eat local.

broccoli (yay!)
spring peas



monday- well, since its tuesday, ill tell you what we had. we had truffle mac-n-cheese with whole wheat pasta, sharp cheddar, chicken, spinach and asparagus.

tuesday- tonight is the SECOND TO LAST episode of LOST. ever. and while i would love to drown my sorrows in a glass of champagne and some dark chocolate with sea salt, im doing the whole no sugar no alchy a l moment soo, im making homemade pizza with smoked gouda, spinach, sundried tomates and ricotta. that just came to me.

wednesday- leftovers.

thursday- fritatta with broccoli, asparagus, zucchini and peas. pick a cheese, any cheese!

and then friday-tuesday the boys are on their own because im going on an adventure!

ps- this picture is really old, but i like it, and we took probably around the same time as my LAST monday menu post. 


  1. so excited so excited so excited! :) you're AMAZING!

  2. can i please have dinner with you tonight?

    and.. i can't believe that lost is almost done! so sad.

  3. also, that picture is precious! jackson looks so little. have fun this weekend!

  4. I'm excited to see your menus!