a quick hello.

sorry for the seriously long absence this past week (and a half!)! we are literally walking out the door, headed for jacksonville for our friends josh and jessicas wedding weekend! it should be really great PLUS we get to see skatie!

a super duper quick update; the "adventure" i went on last friday was to san diego! to surprise my wonderful cousin for her bridal shower! it was a really great weekend with only one 14 hour in the atlanta airport mishap. no big deal. hahahaha.

next wednesday we are off for another wedding for our friends lindsay and denny and then we are home, for a few days. with a possible MOVE thrown in there somewhere. plus, im exhausted. lets see if we can get this life done and i promise like 3 blogs in there somewhere. and yes, i do make pie crust promises. sorry.

so we will be here and there, on a couple planes, with fam, with friends and wow, i have a birthday thrown in there somewhere!

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  1. What MOVE?? We miss you guys, let us know when you are back in town!!