we went to a wedding, or two.

so on friday, we went to dindsay's wedding. (thats denny and lindsay, hollywood style) and it was delightful! we were down in central florida beforehand for something exciting, which i will share later and got to spend time with family at the pool and beach. it was so good. also, jeffrey and myself and my siblings and my brothers girlfriend went to this awesome place called rebounderz. a whole place that is trampolines. happiness.

monday was 6 months since Campbell has been gone. it still knocks the life out of me everytime i think about how much i miss her. its like i'll be feeling fairly normal, and then i think about her at 6 months old; so cute, so chubby, so funny; and i die. my chest sinks in and the aching inside of me overwhelms my body. i miss my baby girl so much. this rollercoaster called grief (though i like to call it "pure suckiness") is the worst thing in the world.

thank you Lord for my handsome and healthy husband and son, and for my beautiful little girl, who i cant wait to see again.

so, to end this post on a lighter note, though it is not always necessary i just already had these pictures uploaded, here are some photobooth pics from dindsay's wedding. the actual photographer who was supposed to be doing the photobooth kind of refused to come up and do just that so, i did. i dont know these people. truly. but, they are fun!

the guy on the right married them. and told me this picture was kind of a joke so, take it with a grain of salt.
i think the man on the far left is denny's father. family perhaps?
ohhh yeah. this is me, and my sister in law. we are so BA.

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  1. I definitely just read your whole blog, i am absolutely heartbroken, and you are without a doubt the most incredible mother! Kathleeeeeen...this is such an amazing gift you have given anyone who reads your sweet Campbell's story. Even more amazing is your honest heart and seemingly unwavering faith. I am so ridiculously thankful for you right now.