the big news!

so on monday, jeffrey heard back about a job he had been interviewing for and he was offered the position! and he took it! and we are moving!

to TAMPA (see below, image via google)

and we are scared and nervous and excited and sad all rolled in to one. but, we knew this was coming. and this seems to be God's plan for us, so we are going with it. on to new adventures, new friends (here's hoping) and a new chapter!

as a sweet friend from our church said " we are moving on to a new chapter, while we are still reading the last one" (thanks tracy :) ) and we are, and we will be back to tallahassee to see our little girl more times than our gas budget will allow but in the end we know, she isnt here, she is safe in the arms of her Creator and THAT is the only reason i can do life every day. and we can do this move. this everything.


  1. much love to you and your family Kathleen. I will miss you so very much but I truly admire your strength and courage as you embark on this new adventure! If you are interested, I would be eternally blessed if you wanted me to take pictures periodically at Campbell's graveside and email them to you. If this sounds weird to you, please forgive me but if it does not sound weird to you, I would be more than happy to do that for you. I'll be keeping in touch via your blog which I really enjoy! Much Love in Our Christ, Tracy =)

  2. and you'll be close to the musha's (and to me when i visit) yay for that.