the worst.

welp. im the worst blogger in the world. ive been gone too long. our life has changed too much for our liking. but. here we are. we have vacationed, moved, the 7 month mark has come and gone, jeffrey has started work, ive become the newest employee at our local anthropologie (eeeh gad!), and we are living with my parents. wouldnt it be the icing on the cake if i was pregnant? too bad for you, im not.

there is so much to catch up on so i will have to go back to daily posts, backtracking a little for a week or so with catch-ups. thats it for now i think. we miss our life, our friends and our little girl, but i have to daily remind myself that she isnt there. and every memory of her that i feel we've left behind are forever in my mind and heart (and camera). so while we are sad, we are excited. we get a fresh start and so far, it isnt nearly as bad as my blogging. HA.

pic is from colorado, when little bear discovered hungry hungry hippos. looks like a mini hubs to me.


  1. congratulations on your new job!!!!!!!! :)

    love you!

  2. Does that mean you can hook me up with an Anthro discount??
    Super excited for you. Can we hang out this thurs?