here we go!

sope, jeffrey is done. ( sope is so and nope together. say it out loud, youll like it)
we are nervous. we are scared. we are ready. for the next part of our lives. which, most likely will be more schooling. really?! yeah, really, well, probably. 

i hate to be one of those people who are always saying "oh, wow, this economy. (long, dramatic pause) its just killllllling us" but really, it kinda is. all of the positions that jeffrey has applied for are falling through. so, masters programs seem like the next best option. i wont even LIST some of the other ones we came up with haha!

one my side of things, well, im gettin' to it. and im seeing what i could do. REALLY do, for myself, and as a something. ( am i being vague? hmmm )

so, expect new things soon! hopefully! congratulations again to my wonderful engineer of a husband! i love you!

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