lets get cooking!

good morning! remember last summer, when i promised you recipes from summers bounty? like here? wellllll, that quite obviously never happened but look! it is summer again! and arent the same things in season every summer? wow! they are! so cant i reuse those awesome recipes NOW? yes, yes i can.

the picture above is some roasted and stuffed acorn squash  made last summer at my parents house. so while im bringing out some of my delicious recipes i thought it might be fun for some of you readers (secret reader, i know youre out there!) to share some of your favorite summer recipes! 

i will hopefully be posting one to two recipes a week from you readers! please send your full recipe and a picture (or a few!) of your yummy food! please make it summer season recipe and let me know what your favorite thing about cooking in the summertime is!

email me all recipes at kpi1016@yahoo.com

and yay for summer food!

also, today marks 5 months since i held my beautiful little girl. im trying not to fill this blog with only sorrow, but i had to let you know. i miss her everyday and love her more every minute. have a great weekend and go be with the ones you love! (hopefully cooking up a storm!)

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  1. you are going through the grieving process in a most beautiful way Kathleen.