i didnt forget my momma.

yesterday was mothers day. jeffrey, my gourmand of a husband, whipped up some delicious blueberry cherry crepes for breakfast, cleaned the house for me, let me read and get some sun in the backyard during naptime and then treated me to a decadent chocolate rice pudding with a balsamic raspberry sauce- and i liked it!

this is MY mom. she's the best, see?

yesterday my wonderful mother planted/made a fairy garden for Campbell. as i grew up, it never occurred to me that fairies might not be real. movies like a secret garden, a little princess, fairies, and any other highly romanticised british girls story only encourages my belief. along with the fact that my mother never told me otherwise, i believed. this was something i was so  excited to share with Campbell. so instead of a nursery full of whimsy, and fairies and flowers, she has an earthly garden instead. thank you, mom. i love you!

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