we play "sooooords"!

it seems like since everything has been changing so much and our life has been so completely "un-normal" , we are constantly playing what Jbear calls "soooords"! needless to say, the introduction of classics such as robin hood and pocohantas (whyyyyy cant i spell this?), has maybe, just maybe, unhealthily encouraged his fighting. but in any case, i was flipping through iphoto and came across these pictures which were the last pictures we took at our old house. i miss our house. our home. the day we moved, jackson rode with jeffrey n the BA uhaul and i drove alone. i fell apart. we left it all.
our life.
our entire married life has been in tallahassee. jackson learned to walk in that house. we found out we were pregnant with campbell in that bathroom. we had 1st and 2nd birthdays there. we came home from the hospital to that house.
i say how much i miss it but since we have been gone, i dont feel so much like im drowning anymore. gosh, that sounds so horrible and i feel a little guilty but its like since im not in that house all the time now, the giants bag of bricks on my chest has been dumped out. (well, maybe halfway)
so, we are doing okay. adjusting, and jbear asks when we will go home about 5 times a day, but okay. and some things are the same, we still play soords ten times a day. and we always get the bad guys.


  1. you are so normal kathleen...your baby is not here anymore...she is with our father in heaven....she is now smarter than me or you....she knows for a fact she would never want to be here. honestly, why would she? she's probably in heaven playing with my beloved clay who turned 13 (!) on July 29th at 4:10 p.m. I am more than certain Campbell is 100% well, 100% fine and 100% wanting you to pursue your life on this earth until you meeet again...and you WILL meet again. God love you Kathleen.