flower power.

this weekend one of my oldest friends, actually my first friend when we moved to florida almost 13 years ago, was married! they were married at the mennello art museum and then had the reception at the winter park farmers market. may look familiar. (gosh i looked so good then, what happened?!) except instead of being IN the wedding this time, my mom and i, along with our friend anne, did all the flowers for the wedding! this is the second time ive done this, skallie's wedding was the first, and it was a lot of fun, and now my fingers hurt haha.

anywho, we had a lot of fun and dana gave us creative freedom and i think we did a pretty bang up job! i really want to do DO this for people i dont know so i will have a little "portfolio" up on the side soon.


dans proccess.

one of the bridesmaid bouquets.

me in the backseat holding the brides bouquet in my lap, the garden rose bucket between my knees and the bar arrangement with my elbow.

the hubs and i. he looks so happy right? he was exhausted and me? well, it was humid okay?!

bottom two photos by wes sumner photpgraphy 


  1. oh my gosh! i'm so excited! and i'm going to tell ashley and phillip(friends who i nanny for and am starting to work with!) that you are starting a florist business! i'm starting a wedding decor business!! we seriously need to do this together. i'm really being serious too :) ok, i'm going to call you this week.