a busy morning.

this is the look im usually thrown when i tell the boys i have a new refurb or project that i want to do. total boredom. welp, boo to them because i love it, and i just finished refurbing some stools for my new kitchen and a great round side table. the table was my first staining project!

anywho, its been like a week and i just wanted to check in (on myself? i suppose...). last saturday was 8 months since our sweet Campbell has been gone. 8 months. 3/4 of a year. how does this happen? where has my life gone? i think about her all day every day and constantly wonder what she would be like at 8 months old. probably crawling and rolling and laughing. i cant wait to see her again someday.

hope you and yours have a delightful weekend and that you dont get too many of these (^) looks.

ps- im starting a new "smarten tip of the day" that will be at the end of every post. sometimes they will be funny, sometimes poignant and sometimes, otherwise. enjoy!

SMARTEN TIP (1): when refurbishing or redo-ing furniture of any kind, things go much quicker with a beer in hand!

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