the end is near.

summer, is almost over. 9 days until we move which means just a little over a week until we begin our new (new) normal. in lakeland. the land of lakes! but, not land o' lakes; dont be confused people not from florida.
so much about this summer has been so hard, and so much has been really great. not being alone, like i was in tallahassee, has been great. potty training little bear. being able to hang out with my mom and sister and have some fun "girl time" while doing projects and making outfits for my sisters high school debut, highlights.
having one car kick the bucket, jeffrey driving a 3 hour commute everyday, and going back to work, not the greatest. but hey, it could always be worse!
so we welcome our new adventure with open arms! and a pair of hedge clippers because man,do we have a lot of yard work in store! for those of you who read this, thank you. im not always the most consistent, or the most clear headed and definitely not the most concise BUT i try to be myself and i really hope to bring a little more organization to this thing in the next few months!

SMARTEN TIP (2) : if you have lofty and idealistic hopes of your children (future or present), under the age of 6?7? (im not there yet) sleeping in, go ahead and toss those out the window now. its not happening sister.

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