cooking up a storm and also, something new!

thats sarah and i, in like 2007. old.

so, ive gotten back in to a normal meal making/baking routine. hold that. i never really had a baking routine but NOW, i kinda do. and ive been pretty adventurous with it too. in the past week ive made joslyns berry crisp , deb's brown butter peach shortbread (and both were TO DIE FOR) and then some of my own oatmeal choc. chip "tookies". (thats cookies, jbear style)

ive also been making menus again and STICKING to them. okay, thats also a bit of an exaggeration because i like to go with an inspiration if the mood strikes. SO what im saying is, i think im going to bring back menu monday. or some sort of variation on a day that is food dedicated. maybe "why i got fat this week friday" or "i bought these lemons on the side of the road tuesday", we shall see.

HEY, have you clicked on my profile lately and seen that other blog there? Thistle & Tulle, my friend sarah and i's new venture! something we have kind of been thinking about for a while...we specialize in floral styling and wedding design and while we are just starting out, we are pretty darn good if i do say so myself AND if you are interested, we are offering low-introductory offer rates! so email me at thistleandtulle@yahoo.com!

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