our new ride.

yes, its a beach cruiser. it was my mother in laws and she gave it to us. you know, because we only have one car and my husband takes it to work and we just moved to a new place where we dont know anyone, so its like, super fun to be stuck at home. im pretty sure just watching me put jbear in his seat while balancing the bike and then me getting on and pedaling away, crookedly. MUST be hilarious. all of our new homeless friends at the library find us entertaining. and they have made it clear that they think the bike is "a REAL nice bike, ma'am". cousin from national lampoon vacation style, they say it. plus its BALLS hot outside, so there i am, a little SAHM, struggling with the bike and my child, sweat pouring off my face, looking like i always thought a mom would look. oh wait, thats not true. i look like a hot mess who is a fugitive from the law most likely.
adventures in lakeland= BOMB

SMARTEN TIP (5)- find someone for your husband to carpool with. just do it.


  1. what is sahm? i'm coming up with all kinds of inappropriate cuss words while trying to guess...

  2. hahaha kathleen thank you for making me laugh out loud at work. :) you are so precious...you created a great image in my head.

    katie-sahm is stay at home mom. :)

  3. kathleen, i'm dying! thanks for taking a pic :)

    and audra, thanks :)
    i had no idea what sahm was either katie, haha