a farm, some wine, a good dine. part deux!

perhaps i should explain exactly what is was that we went to. it was a fundraiser for the terra madre trip to italy for like five (maybe 4) slow food farmers. a fish monger, beef/lamb farmer, the owner of Lake Meadows and two others. after the evening, i would like;
-a farm
-a lot of money for the farm
-a garden (working on that one)
-about 8 kids to play on the farm with me (maybe thats including kids' friends)
-to go to italy, and france

we were uncomfortably close to these chickens.
sitting on the porch, wine and dine style.
vampire and i. i look oddly round here. whatevs.
right before a butt grab. HONEY! too much wine!
and then SOMEHOW we ended up at sonic. for milkshakes. so not sustainable, or slow, of local. but we needed dessert!

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