i wanna be a b&a.

so the house is almost ALMOST done. ive been so tempted to be like "lets stage this beast! lets take some pics!" but im waiting. ever so patiently because new projects keep popping up everyday and i want them all to be done! i need money to finish them all! help me! im going crazy! for real though, i might be.

anywho, just wanted to drop in. jbear and i just did some spray painting and you know those fumes energize me. i have to jet because i
a- need to run
b- need to shower before small group
c- need to figure out what we were supposed to read for small group
d- make tea and coffee for small group
e- hire a maid to make said tea and coffee.

ps- i just have to say that i am loving carolyn lately. in my mind, we are blog world bff's (she doesnt know). just thought you should go say hi, shes a hoot.

this picture has nothing to do with anything. it is what jbear came downstairs looking like one day after his nap (thanks to the hubs). also, that is not our house, its the rents.

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