it makes me so angryyyy.

we are trying to teach jbear about emotion and recognizing his own...so instead of screaming or yelling when he is mad/happy/angry/excited, we try to pause and help him recognize (with words) how he is feeling. it usually comes out like this

"MOOOOM you just make me angrryyyy so many times"

ummm, success?

here's my version...

it makes me so angry that i dont know how to do all the "make your blog so cool and pretty" things. no clue.

it makes me so angry that i woke up this morning with an itchy eye and now, now it is swollen shut.

it makes me so angry that we only have one car.

it makes me so angry that pbs uses a song from "that thing you do" as background music for one of their show commercials. that movie is AWESOME, dont ruin it!

...i think thats it. i guess i have a lot of anger this morning, perhaps i should work on that....

have a good one kids. for real, dont be so angry! haha.

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