jimmy eat brown butter shortbread?

the first week of my freshman year of college, fsu held an outdoor concert event, encouraging fraternizing and the campus life. yada yada. jimmy eat world was performing. for free. like 10 steps from my dorm. PLUS i had a blind date to go to this concert with me. (THATS a whole other story friends...)

anywho, i was beside myself excited. the evenings plan was this; bling date picked me up from dorm, a short walk to moes for dinner ( so romantic, eh?) and then a leisurely (i was hoping to be in love at this point. turned out to be not the case) walk back to campus to drown ourselves in the melodies and musical genius that is jimmy eat world.

and basically, we did just that. except that i was kind of bratty at the time, and wasnt super feeling the date ( did i mention that my MOM had set up this moment of destiny?), so i cleverly found a way to ditch him and hooked up with a group of guy friends, whom i enlisted to "fend off" the date. i feel pretty bad about it now, okay?! JEW was amazing, did an encore performance of "sweetness" to which my friend nick and i seriously jammed out to and then i went home. or wait, i went to tcby. tart fro yo wasnt cool yet.

and now to the present. here i am! making those darn brown butter peach shortbread bars again, for friends this time, and the boys are napping and im rocking out to jimmy and the boys. i love how music can do this- it can take you back to a memory. that sounded so dorky but really, it takes you to a SOMETHING. a memory, a place, a taste, a feeling.

i think in another life, i was meant to write music. or be a groupie. i bet nobody who knows me would agree, but we all have our little inner secrets, right?

oh right, the picture. so i badass-ly stole a poster off of one of the bulletin boards on campus after the show and hung it right above my bed. this was the poster.

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  1. I WAS AT THAT SHOW! we were meant to be friends :)