bubby turns 3!

(if you are a new reader, my sons name is NOT bubby, its just my jewish-esque nickname for him. at least until i realized it might also be a little you-know-what-neck when a little girl at the playground asked me  "is his nayame bubbay? thats my cuzzzins nayame." ummmm, thats lakeland for ya!)

saturday jbear/bubby/little bear/jackson turned 3!
he started off the day with some chocolate chip pan-pakes, bacon and kiwi then got to play all day with his new sword! (thanks klass haus!)

sunday was the "party" aka we had our family over and ate and drank.
and played.
oh yes, we played. 
anywho, here are the pictures, which is what you are looking for, im sure.

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