the story of a day.

the story of one of our days, in pictures.

started off with some breakfast and a "no mom, no pitcherrrrs!" arm.

 moved to jbears room. played trains and also tornado in the curtains. he laughed, i prayed he wouldnt pull the curtain rod down on to his head.

then we ventured outside because it was an especially beautiful day. the perfect day for umbrella spinning, jbears new favorite pastime. again he gave the the "no pitcherrrrs!" but this time, with the umbrella.

showcasing his mad umbrella spinning skills for the camera. he's got to teach me these things, he thinks. he dont know im a pro.
then after the unpictured walk, lunch and nap, we decided it was too hot for long sleeves already and changed. and then enjoyed some annie's gummies in my coffee table while watching clifford.

man, its good to be three.

happy monday kids.

**post edit- lunch IS actually pictured...just avert your eyes down one post**

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