pumpkin time. dun dun dun dun.

today was pumpkin day! 
que "hammer time" but sub in pumpkin for hammer. 
its working over here...

anywho, today we walked the 1/5 of a mile around the lake to the church with the pumpkin covered lawn.
you see, here in florida, we dont have real patches.
churches and preschools and the like just lay a bunch of pumps out in their grassy areas and call it a patch.
little bear has never known any different so for us, it works.

after we browsed, debated, did a full physical inspection and then gave each pumpkin a good solid knuckle rap, we found our babies.
one warty, one green (green!) and two babies. 
just like our fam (hubs is the warty one of course).

we plopped down our 7 bucks a pop, for charity, and then headed across the street to relax and "feed" the ducks and swans. jbear is convinced that ducks and swans eat bark. 
he gently calls to them 
"heeeer yittle duckies. tome here!"
then tosses them the bark and they run for their lives.
entertaining for us, not so great for our feathered friends.

to see last years pumpkin fest click here.
this will also give you a recap of ALL of bears pumpkin gathering sessions.
handy, huh?

SMARTEN TIP (7?): remember some sort of cart or wagon or vehicle of any kinds for said pumpkins. its easier to catch a running child when you hands are empty. which is also why i say the same about cross body purses (messenger style). free hands baby. all about it.

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  1. 1. i can't believe how quickly jackson is growing.. i might have shed a tear or two looking at the pics from the last three years..

    2. i just gagged when i looked at your warty pumpkin, lol. i love the green and the two babies though! :)

    3. i can't wait to see you in just FIFTEEN days!!!!!!!!!!!! love you!