ill be thankful if i can pull it off...

this thursday i am making a thanksgiving meal for our entire family at our house. i am excited. except for the fact that i have been feeling not so great the past few days and then this morning jbear and i both woke up with extra sore throats, i have a serious headache and he has a cough. needless to say, rubbing down a large dead bird with butter tomorrow doesnt sound too appealing. BUT i will be so thankful if i can pull it off and once everyone is here tomorrow, i will be thankful that they are. 

i hope that each one of you has something to be thankful for this weekend. this next week is going to be an especially hard week so i wont be on here much but i wish everyone a a happy thanksgiving and a wonderful start to the Christmas season. here's hoping its better than last year :)

this is an old picture that i just thought was cute. humor me. 

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