the "new-seum"

oh dear. its wednesday and ive not been blogging. i could tell you that its because we have been with family and i didnt have my computer, but only part of that is true. i had the computer, i just chose not to go on it. (okay, i tweeted!) but we did do other things! like monday, jbear, my grandma and i went to the orlando science museum , or "new-seum" as jbear says. it was awesome. he was in exploration-im-allowed-to-touch-everything heaven.

he was a pilot, a crane operator, a chef (not pictured) and a migrant worker in the orange orchard (also, unfortunately, not pictured). he cried the entire way home. we have decided to start a once a week outing tradish (tradition) and next up is the Glazer childrens museum in tampa. i know he will love that too!

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