this morning we woke up to a chilly house! because it was like 45 degrees last night...helllls yeah! (this is a big deal in florida before january people, especially in central fl...) anywho, this weekend will be fun, we have a few things happening. we are off to orlando as soon as jeffers gets home from work today and then darby and i will throw ourselves into baby shower party mode(for her sister); i have been enlisted for decor, food and planning, fun! plus she has a great camera so i will be sharing some pictures here and over on thistle&tulle!
saturday, the boys are jumping over to the brevard zoo with the in laws and then on sunday my grandma comes for a visit! my grandma has NEVER seen our marital home and next tuesday she will! so i am ferociously cleaning and tidying up and hopefully finishing some pillows this weekend before she comes so the house can look extra cute! 
AND today is my brothers birthday! this is taylor and his girlfriend (our old tally babysitter) rachel (chachel to us). they will be so excited to be on the blog haha. 
happy birthday little brother! the big 2-0! love you!

have a great weekend everyone and i hope its chilly where you live and you get to wear some good layers too!

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