sick BEFORE the candy.

so sunday was halloween! and of course, i was sick. as in hurts-to-get-out-of-bed sick. blah.
so jeffrey, wonderful hubs that he is, took jbeat trick or treating.
they were both pirates. thats right, both of them.
ha. i wont post a picture of jeffrey because he might be a tiny bit embarrassed but, they were cute. 
i know im a day late BUT here are la pictures. (thats proper french/english grammar right there)

boys carving pumpkins.
FIRST attempt at pirate costume. pulled it out of my parents dress up box for the storytime parade. it was a miss. jeffrey ended up wearing this as his costume. shame on me as a mother. haha
this is jackson, so proud of his "trick n treatin" skills. hes so humble. 

and above with the neighbor boys. i MEAN the hulk and wolverine. such boys.

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  1. he looks so gangsta in that last pic. keep an eye on that.