ohh blog.

ohh blog. i have neglected you. instead of breathing life onto your "pages" ive been scouring the rest of the blog world for whoknowswhat. i certainly never know. but the blog world has slowly been putting me down. unbeknownst to its authors, of course. so i took me a little breather. i was hoping i could gain some confidence. maybe think my house was cute for a minute or that i too could look cute even while going grocery shopping.

no renewed confidence has been attained. (please look away while i ROLL my eyes at myself)

look away again while i throw myself a pity party.

blah blah, most of you have already gone back to your google reader and are seeing if design sponge has a new before and after, or if natthefatrat has posted a pic of that baby yet! nope, neither ring true.

BUT! i have a solution! i think i need to BEFRIEND some fellow bloggers! im always reading about "blogging has brought me so many new friends and creative pathways" blah blah, how is it not creepy to reach your cyber hand through some blogspot or wordpress address and say "what up girl, lets grab a cup of java on flickr?"

im at a loss. i need friends, i think both real and blogworld real.

heres my ad;

"are you feeing alone in this big bad blog world? do you need a friend who may not always LOOK extra cute but can make up for that with her sarcasm, ability to whip a good lunch date meal and always has coffee is her pot? then IM the blogger for you!"

has anyone else ever felt this way? comment and let me know if you do!


  1. whoa! kathleen! okay.

    1) you seriously ALWAYS look darn cute. you're freaking gorgeous. i'm jealous of your super tan skin and beautiful brown hair and amazing smile. even right after a kickboxing class you look smokin!
    2) your blog is the reason IIIIII started blogging! your blog is wonderful and honest and ADORABLE and relatable.
    3) i'm your friend! no desperate want ads required :)
    4) oh please, i feel the way you do EVERY single day! i'm right there with you.
    5) love and miss you.

  2. kathleen, i don't think i've seen you since high school, but i stumbled onto your blog and now i addictively check for updates.

  3. I've never met you before, but I followed a link to your page from someone else's blog. I think you have a lovely family and you are an amazing woman.

    The whole marriage+baby thing is in the future for me so I like reading peoples blogs who are in this chapter of their lives. And I also admire your decorating skills. I love how you can be so domestic diva, yet completely down to earth.

    Sorry, if that's creepy....

    - Sarah